BTC Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong R&D team with a total of more than 100 employees, of which R&D personnel account for half of the total, with solid R&D capabilities.
     R&D Facilities
    -5 synthetic laboratory
    -2 analytical laboratory
    -1 Process Safety Laboratory
    -Shanghai Pilot Base
    -Shandong production base
    -Anhui GMP production base

 ABOUT BTC                                                    OUR CLIENTS

    BTC Pharmaceuticals Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2015, a world leading manufacturer of DAST fine chemicals with a complete product chain and production capacity. We specialized in florinated reagents, florine-containing products as well as the development and production of the related small molecule liquid building blocks. 

    Adhering to the business philosophy of technology-driven and customer-oriented, our company is committed to providing high-quality process development and outsourcing customized services for customers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries at home and abroad. The customers served include the world's top-ranked CRO, CDMO and new drug companies. The key molecular building blocks and intermediates provided by us have accelerated the process of drug development.

    In terms of quality management, BTC Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. constructs and manages the analysis office in strict accordance with the 5S concept, and has passed ISO 9001 system certification, and has a complete workflow and recording system.

    Our team is led by excellent staffs, who have been engaged in R&D for many years, are familiar with the qualitative and quantitative analysis and inspection of raw materials, pilot test samples and final products. Meanwhile, our team is also responsible for the establishment and standardization of quality standards, the development, transfer and verification of analytical methods, acceleration and long-term stability tests, etc.

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