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      BTC Pharmaceuticals Technology Co.,Ltd

              BTC Pharmaceuticals Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2015, a world leading manufacturer of DAST fine chemicals with a complete product chain and production capacity. We specialized in florinated reagents, florine-containing products as well as the development and production of the related small molecule liquid building blocks. We are committed to the development and application of fluorine-containing technology, creating fluorine for human health and life, and our ultimate goal is to become the leader in the field of fluorine-containing small molecule building blocks.

             Our company undertakes processing of various high-quality and high-demand intermediates of four-membered rings, five-membered rings, and six-membered rings with mature and stable crafts. We have a series of high-end aliphatic, chiral or achiral monofluoro products, difluoro products, as well as fluorinated products with unique high indicators such as high ee and high purity. Moreover, we are able to expand production of intermediates from kilograms in laboratories to tons in pilot plants.